Syntax for Inserting Linebreak, Horizontal line, Paragraphs and Headings in Html | HTML Elements introduction

LineBreak : <br/> provides a single line break

Horizontal line: <hr> inserts a Horizontal line

Paragraphs: <p></p> inserts paragraph element (note: if you forget to add the closing </P> tag browsers will still render the paragraph but it is a good practice to add the closing </P >tag).

Headings :< h1></h1> headings range from <h1 > to <h6> where h1 is the most important heading and h6 is the least important heading you can use the heading s as per your purpose like so:
<h1>My Heading</h1> <h2>my other Heading</h2> <h3>My Final Heading</h3>


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