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FAQ Web-Development is a blog on HTML,CSS and Jquery tutorials. The blog's intention is to provide answers for the most basic and semi-expert level questions on Web Development. Every blog post written on FAQ Web-Development is thoroughly researched and will be updated regularly to keep up with new web development techniques. many books on HTML, CSS and Jquery has be used as the resource for this blog.           
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Purushothaman R is a Web-Developer working for Opendoor Technologies from Bangalore,India. Been a web-developer for almost a year and a half. I' am a learner myself, but still would like to share whatever I've learnt coz, I learned most of web-development through internet and this blog will be my source to give back something in return. Thanks for Visiting my blog if you were willing to appreciate my work kindly like FAQ Web-Development's Facebook page


  1. i want to become proficient in web development. i learned about html css.
    and i also know the asp.net in a reasonable depth just for creating static web site.
    what i should learn further.

    1. you need to learn a javascript and jquery which will make you a complete web developer


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